lukas böhm


Design tailored to your needs

I am an artist, graphic designer and founder.

I want to do business the way I strive to live in general: cooperatively and sustainable.

If you are working on a better future yourself, we will probably be able to create nice things.

aquarell titel "the heir"


about me

Who I am

To finance my studies I founded the small fair fashion label feinwasser. We sold shirts with my designs from a fully transparent supply chain to a pay-what-you-want price and won some start up contests.

Doing this, I learned all necessary skills to lead an independent life full of interesting tasks.

I have always been active in the Rethinking Economics movement or other initiatives, that see the need to move economics away from profit maximization.

Right now I am always looking for interesting projects I can contribute to.

What I am able to do

Crafting concepts
Photoshop etc.
Watercolor design
WordPress, UX & Webdesign
Video editing

I have successfully planned and executed two crowdfunding campaigns for a combined sum of more than 30,000€. Among other things I won the Leitidee contest 2017. I love to give talks and workshops.

What I charge

Money and fair pay are topics I spent some time thinking about.

I strive to find a common ground based on principles of transparency and mutual respect.

With an hourly pay of 60€ I will not get rich as a freelancer, but I can stay financially independent.

If you need my work for a project that I find particularly interesting and worth supporting, I am happy to charge less.

I will charge more when working for bigger organizations or corporations.

Grobe Schätzungen zur bessen Einordnung sind beispielsweise 600-800€ für ein Logo oder 2000-4000€ für eine einfache Website mit Hosting und Postfächern aber ohne Shop.




Lukas Böhm
Münsterstraße 88
44145 Dortmund