Rethinking Economics

The Quest For a New Logo

Decision Time



This design follows the “building blocks” idea of the original logo.

It is meant to enhance this idea with the metaphor of thinking outside the box.

The leaf visualizes the grassroots like nature of the movement. You are a passionate, growing bunch of people with a heart for solidarity and activism.

Coloring the Re letters is a nice touch, but with your current teal color, it somehow impacts contrast and visibility. One could go for a slightly darker teal, which would impact continuity.


This design deviates from the building blocks idea to emphasize communication, activism and change.

The bubble is able to be used on it’s own like a watermark.

Also, if you were to write Rethinking Economics London or something similar for a specific event, the Rethinking Economics typo can be moved up a bit to create a third row for additional text.