Rethinking Economics

The Quest For a New Logo

Round 3

Welcome to round three!

I focused on two design concepts and tried to elevate them further.



Boxes 1
Boxes 2
Boxes 3

I like the leaf sprouting out of the letters, makes a nice visual connection to emphasize the “Rethinking = New and fresh thinking / growing movement”

Double Bubbles

Bubbles 1
Bubbles 2
Bubbles 3

The idea was to visualize progressive discourse and participation, thus the second speechbubble. I had a ton of slightly different concepts and at last I realized I could create a very stylized human head as well by rotating the second speech bubble.

I included the last one just to show again, what an inversce box shadow might add 😉 Also I still like it’s simplicity, very recognizable.

Leafy Bubbles

Leafy 1
Leafy 2
Leafy 3
Leafy 4

I like the 4th one best. The first one also has it’s perks: The leaf gives the impression of a person talking.

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